Data Out

Cumulative Yield Output Tables

The “No Frills” output tables are *.csv files with the following fields:

  • TimeStep number, from 0-30
  • Fuel, 14 actinide atoms
  • Speed, fast or slow neutron
  • Nuclide, isotope or isomer
  • Yield, cumulative, in atoms

The AllSlow  and AllFast tables are IFFY’s primary output.  The first covers fission fragment evolution caused by slow neutrons (o.o253 eV).  This table covers ten “fissile ” fuels.  These fission easily when hit by a slow neutron, though why Brookhaven included 242-Pu is a mystery.   A fast neutron (here 500kV) will split atoms not normally considered fuel.  The data include thirteen such isotopes.

Besides the fuels being somewhat different, the most important distinction between data sets relates to neutron capture:

  • The Slow data include  neutron capture.
  • The Fast data do not.

Download AllSlow

Download AllFast

We also provide a file for slow neutrons without neutron capture, in case you don’t like our capture methodology.


Analytic subset

For the purpose of analysis and quality control, we provide a data set with the following extra fields:

  • Yield normalized to two atoms: Norm
  • Nuclide descriptors: AtWt, Protons, Level (0 for isotopes, 1 or 2 for isomers)
  • Derived statistics: Time_Bin, Rung, Class (an absorption category)
  • Capture: yes or no

View235QC has the 235-U Slow data from AllSnocap and AllSlow.  The Capture field distinguishes between the two.  The original purpose of this table was quality control of the capture methodology, but it also allows all sorts of analysis.  Any of the charts on this site can be replicated from an Excel version of this view.

Download View235QC